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Mindful and Co Kids

Affirmation Colouring Pencils

Affirmation Colouring Pencils

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Discover the Magic of Affirmation Colouring Pencils - The Perfect Back-to-School Toy! Featured on Oprah's Favourite Things of 2021 list, our beautifully crafted affirmation pencils inspire self-love, confidence, and positive self-talk in your little ones.

Each set comes with 12 personalised pencils adorned with charming affirmations. Watch as your kids embrace moments of calm while colouring their world with positivity, enjoying the endless benefits of mindfulness.

Benefits: Improves self-esteem.

Sparks back-to-school creativity.

Develops resilience.

Boosts confidence.

Fosters a growth mindset.

Meaningful school supplies.

Eases anxiety.

Perfect for homes, classrooms, and daycare centers, our sustainable pencils suit ages 18m+ to 100 years old.

Empower your kids with the gift of affirmations and watch their inner sparkle shine bright!

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