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French Earl Grey Tea Bags Inspirational Tags

French Earl Grey Tea Bags Inspirational Tags

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Enjoy a touch of sophisticated restoration with this fragrant, bergamot-infused black tea sprinkled with rose petals. Naturally high in antioxidants, this blend is both soothing and refined.

When you enjoy this rich and soothing tea, you’ll be inspired by one of our twenty tag messages. Each one has been chosen to motivate, encourage or uplift. Pick your tag at random - the right words will find you!


Black Tea, Natural Bergamot Flavour, Rose Petals.


3-4 minutes in fresh 90°C water.


This French Earl Grey blend comes from the Chota Tingrai estate in Assam. 

The Chota Tingrai family-owned estate has been producing teas since 1943. It is part of the Jalan Industries Group of tea companies. 

At Chota Tingrai, there is not only a commitment to making high-quality tea but also to building community and protecting the environment. 


Good for you, good for the environment. Our black tea bags are made from 100% natural sugarcane. As a result, they are completely biodegradable and GMO-free. These industrial-compost-friendly tea bags below encase single plantation black tea, natural bergamot flavour and rose petals.

Furthermore, we don’t sacrifice quality for convenience! Our black tea bags hold high-quality broken loose leaves; no dusting or fannings in sight. 

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