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Heart of an adventurer - Potion Pouch (Brave Potion)

Heart of an adventurer - Potion Pouch (Brave Potion)

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A Potion to conquer nerves when starting a new adventure. PERFECT FOR BACK TO SCHOOL As with changes of the season, there will always be changes in your life. Going on holidays, starting school or a new school, moving house or starting in a new sporting team. You may be scared but it can also be an exciting time. Use this potion in times you are feeling a little nervous and need some superpowers to enter the world of unknown.

HEART OF AN ADVENTURER POTION POUCH - comes with: 4 sparkly dry Ingredients in Biodegradable Cellophane bags 1 Potion Card - on one side is Adventurer spell. The other side is a I AM BRAVE affirmation card to be recited as part of your child daily affirmation ritual. 1 Linen cloth bag to hold your most precious and treasured jewels

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