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Coconut Bowls

Kids Rise and Shine Coconut Bowl

Kids Rise and Shine Coconut Bowl

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Introduce your little ones to the magic of a new day with our Rise and Shine Kids Coconut Bowl! This enchanting bowl is a vibrant burst of energy, adorned with hand-painted sunshine squiggles that bring a smile to every meal.

Ignite your child's imagination as they embark on a breakfast adventure, greeted by the playful embrace of radiant sunshine in their bowl. Each spoonful becomes a joyful journey, infused with the warmth and positivity of a new day. Watch as their creativity blossoms, embracing the beauty of the present moment and savoring every delicious bite.

Crafted from sustainably sourced waste coconut shells, our Coconut Bowls not only captivate with their unique design, but also teach your children the importance of caring for our planet. With every meal, you inspire a love for nature and instill eco-conscious values that will last a lifetime. Experience the magic of mornings with our enchanting Rise and Shine Kids Coconut Bowl.

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