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Bright Threads

'Lunch w Duncs' Tonal Blue Stripe Tablecloth

'Lunch w Duncs' Tonal Blue Stripe Tablecloth

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From the fabulous Bright Theads..

"The Sunday Series

She's a phenomenal cloth, available in a 3m and featuring the signature mitred cornered BTB block border - this tablecloth was designed for a quick flick down on the table, pull the crays from the esky, and the fizz from the freezer - there is nothing better than this for impromptu leisurely lunches this summer. Mix this piece with so many of your exiting BTB pieces - navy lemon, pear, navy simplicity, hydrangea, fig... and pansy. She's a crowd pleaser for sure!

Inspired by long lunches with dad at the family vineyard in the Adelaide Hills. He was a wonderful host, he would always greet you at the car, you never walked into the house alone. I miss his big embrace, and the feeling of 'welcome, I am so glad you are here'... this one's for you dad.

Brunch Ready. Impromptu guest ready. For those that like to entertain at any hour."


170 x 300

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