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Lindner Quality Socks

Roslyn Thick Cushioned Local Merino Socks

Roslyn Thick Cushioned Local Merino Socks

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Our 'Roslyn' thick, full-cushioned socks are so comfortable you might never want to take them off. Made with high quality 18.5 to 19 micron merino wool from the Southern Tablelands, these socks are made for comfort, support, and softness.

The outside of the sock is a tidy plain knit, while on the inside the threads are pulled by terry jacks during knitting to form a loop between every stitch (like the surface of a towel) giving them a springy feel and extra air pockets for insulation.

The thick construction makes them a smooth fit and easy to put on. They're the ideal choice as lounging or bed socks to keep you cosy in the coldest weather. They are also great for hiking, however, it is important that the footwear is well-fitting to avoid movement of the socks, which will result in wear and tear.

While the high merino wool content in our 'Roslyn' socks makes them beautifully soft and comfortable, if you're after a more hard-wearing thick, full-cushioned sock, you may wish to try our 'Max' socks.

Fibre Composition: Merino Wool: 85% Nylon: 15%

S: Women's 5-8.5, Men's 4-6.5 | M: Women's 9-12, Men's 7-10.5 | L: Men's 11-14 

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