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Sleep Gift Pack – Protea Eye Pillow + Sleep Balm

Sleep Gift Pack – Protea Eye Pillow + Sleep Balm

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Our Sleep gift pack includes a lavender eye pillow, a natural tin of sleep balm, and earplugs.

Hand-made in Australia.

A perfect gift for loved ones who need some extra help with sleep! The eye pillow and sleep balm are handmade in Melbourne from all-natural and organic materials. The eye pillow is really useful for tired eyes, for headaches, and for helping you get to sleep at night Warm in the microwave or chill in the freezer.

The sleep balm is great for putting on your temples or pulse points and contains lavender, rosewood, and vanilla essential oil to help you get to sleep.

Size: 18cm x 10cm x 4cm

Sleep Balm: 15ml

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