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Stray Willow

Facial Mask Bowl

Facial Mask Bowl

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This handy brass mixing bowl designed to mix and apply your Peggy Sue Facial Masks. Perfect for mixing and applying and is easy to rinse out ready for your next pamper session.

Pairs perfectly with our Facial Mask Brush and Facial masks.

You'll adore Stray Willow's Brass Mixing Bowl, meticulously crafted to elevate your skincare routine. Here's why this bowl is the perfect companion for mixing and applying your Stray Willow Facial Masks, offering convenience and a touch of luxury to your pamper sessions: The Brass Mixing Bowl from Stray Willow boasts a sophisticated design, adding a touch of elegance to your skincare regimen. Its aesthetic appeal enhances the overall experience of your pamper sessions. Crafted from durable brass, the mixing bowl ensures longevity and resilience. The high-quality material not only contributes to the bowl's longevity but also imparts a luxurious feel to your skincare routine. Specifically designed for mixing facial masks, the bowl provides an ideal surface for blending the mask ingredients thoroughly. The spacious yet ergonomic design makes the mixing process effortless and enjoyable. After each pamper session, the bowl is easy to rinse out, leaving it ready for your next skincare indulgence. The smooth surface of the brass allows for quick and efficient cleaning, maintaining hygiene effortlessly. The presence of the Brass Mixing Bowl enhances the overall pampering experience. 

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